We offer a range of video services

“I needed a short video for my website and social media to promote my farm photo sessions.  Tim completely got what I was looking for and managed to condense over three hours of shooting into a short video which truly captures what my photo sessions are about.   My clients love the video and it is definitely my most effective marketing tool.  I cannot recommend Half Moon Productions highly enough!”

Michelle Morris ~ Michelle Morris Photography


Clients often know they want a video but but do not know how to go about it or what their video should say. We will work with you to develop your ideas into a concept, create a script and with creative filming and editing produce a powerful video.  We will tell your story through video to an audience so they can engage with it, watch the video to the end and share it on social media.

We make videos for all kinds of businesses and have a special connection with the agricultural sector.


Why drone filming?

It’s the filming technique that makes the world so engaging to audiences as it allows such creative freedom.  It is no longer just the Hollywood blockbusters that have access to the air; your video could have those dramatic shots as well.  Drones give an opportunity for brands to elevate the production quality of their video at limited extra cost.


We have our own in house photographer who will produce stills for any product or business or alongside a video as part of the marketing campaign.


We can provide specialist filming techniques such as time lapse and can add animation to any production.